Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fredericksburg Domestic Assault and Battery and possessing firearms

As a Fredericksburg resident, you may ask yourself, "Am I precluded from possessing a firearm?" It is important that you are well informed because many criminally related firearm charges are felonies in Virginia.

It is clear to most Fredericksburg area residents that a felony conviction will preclude you from possessing a firearm. However, most people do not realize that a Fredericksburg domestic assault and battery conviction will also preclude you from possessing a firearm under Federal Law.

Federal Law - "The amendments prohibit the possession of firearms and ammunition by persons convicted of state or federal misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence and the distribution of firearms and ammunition to such persons. As of the effective date, September 30, 1996, any person convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor may no longer possess a firearm or ammunition."

So even if you have never been convicted of a felony, your gun rights may be affected by a previous domestic assault and battery.

I recently represented a client in Spotsylvania County that was charged with a firearms related felony due to this unknown federal law. Based on negotiations with the Spotsylvania Commonwealth Attorney, I was able to get my client's pending felony firearm charge reduced to a misdemeanor with NO active jail time.

If you have a firearms charge pending in the Fredericksburg area, you will need a local Fredericksburg lawyer to handle your case. Feel free to call my cell phone for a free consultation and evaluation of your pending case.

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